Problema na instrução SQL
n.o 1055
---> Expression #13 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'commerce.pdigital.precovenda' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
SELECT IF(INSTR(cat.cat_label_port,'edição'),cat_up.cat_label_port,cat.cat_label_port) AS cat_rotulo, IF(INSTR(cat.cat_label_port,'edição'),cat_up.cat_content,cat.cat_content) AS cat_content, cat.cat_id, cat.cat_ref, cat.cat_label_port AS cat_rotulo, cat.cat_template AS cat_template, cat.cat_content AS cat_content, cat_up.cat_label_port AS cat_up_rotulo, cat_up.cat_content AS cat_up_content, cat_up.cat_id AS cat_up_id, cat_up.cat_ref AS cat_up_ref, cat_up.cat_template AS cat_up_template, pdigital.precovenda AS digital_preco, AS digital_produto,IF(pdigital.esgotado = '0', '1','0') AS digital_status, pocket.precovenda AS pocket_preco, AS pocket_produto,IF(pocket.esgotado = '0', '1','0') AS pocket_status, produto.*, DATE_FORMAT(produto.data_lancamento,'%d/%m/%Y') AS data_lancamento_formatada, DATE_FORMAT(produto.data_lancamento + INTERVAL 1 MONTH,'%d/%m/%Y') AS data_lancamento_1month, AS id_produto, pag.* FROM commerce.produto, europanet.europanet_paginas AS pag LEFT JOIN europanet.europanet_categorias AS cat ON (pag.pag_cat_id = cat.cat_id) LEFT JOIN europanet.europanet_categorias AS cat_up ON (cat.cat_ref = cat_up.cat_id) LEFT JOIN commerce.produto AS pdigital ON ( = 0+CONCAT('99',pag.pag_label)) LEFT JOIN commerce.produto AS pocket ON ( = 0+CONCAT('88',pag.pag_label)) WHERE = pag.pag_label+0 AND pag.pag_publica = 'S' AND cat.cat_publica = 'S' AND pag.pag_id = 25938 GROUP BY id ORDER BY DESC LIMIT 1ERRO